April 30, 2014

Empty Vessels @ Klub Kakoffaney


Looking forward to this gig. Always a great night a the ‘Sheaf.
it’s been a while since we’ve blown the cobwebs off.. Hopefully we wont be too rusty, well, a little bit of rust is what we are about. Hope to see you at the gig.

This is the FB link for more info


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September 23, 2013

Slow Burner

It’s been a bit of a slow burner this year, but things are picking up a treat as we put our flip flops back into winter storage, (Ross wears purple Crocs… all year long, and even sleeps in them).

First up, we are at the Bully on Mon 30th September supporting the great Southern Blues Fiasco. Look, there is a poster below this bit of text.

Empty Vessels @ the Bully

Then we are at the Wheatsheaf for the Klub Kakofanney 22nd super-duper anniversary – always a great gig. This is happening on the 5th October.

Then it’s a bit of BBC Introducing at the O2 Academy on the 23rd November. We also have another gig in December but I’ll waft on about that gig in another post.

If we remember, we’ll try and take some photos so you can see that all of the above is not fibs.

See you soon.


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May 7, 2013

It’s been a good week

Fair play, we’ve had a great week.. was wonderful to play Witney festival, such a great event and best of all, absolutely free. It’s a great feeling to play on such a big stage with great sound and audience.. during the set I think it rained, hailed and snowed.. we loved it!

Fast forward a week and we headlined the Wittstock Festival that wes held at the Railway Inn in Culham, we also broke band curfew and got a bit merry before playing, never the best really but hey, rules are meant for breaking yeah?

We took some pics from the Wittstock gig and will hopefully put them up when I get 5.

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February 25, 2013


Fucking itching to get to practice tomorrow. These things happen when you miss a few weeks of band practice… it’s like a drug that needs feeding. There is nothing in the world that beats that moment when you are playing/practicing and hit “The Zone”.. Dont know if science has explained it yet but something happens that cannot be explained. Four independent wavelengths come together  and shit goes down.. something like crossing the beams in ghostbusters or some shit like that. It may only last for a few minutes but fuck me, it keeps you coming back for more.

Gonna try and record some jams at practice tomorrow night and will post up over the next few days.

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February 19, 2013


It appears that the new TEV website is nearly finished, although this website may remain in this state for the next three years or at least until the next EP is finished.

Take a look at the amazing image below – this means web shit is happening.


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February 19, 2013


the empty vessels logo

Seeing as the it’s time for a spring clean, thought I may as well have a play around with the logo. I dropped the “The” from the design as I dont like it. Would rather be called “Vessels” or the “Black Vessels” (due to a collaboration with Black Hats) but I guess we are stuck with Empty Vessels for now.

What do you reckon?

Tev Logo Inverted

Tev Logo Inverted

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February 12, 2013

Working on a new TEV Website

New Website Coming Soon

The Empty Vessels are moving into the 21st Century.

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