The Empty Vessels are:

Matt Greenham – Vox & Guitar
Ross McIvor – Guitar
Matt ‘Junior’ Greetham – Bass
Drew McMinn – Drums

Summer 2008 was the beginning of the Empty Vessels journey, over the years we have developed a distinct and memorable sound which is becoming instantly recognised as The Empty Vessels Sound. We are asked back to venues time and time again as we always make sure that the gig is about us and the audience having a great time together.

In 2012, we  shuffled the line up and brought drummer Drew McMinn into the Empty Vessels family. So 2013 see’s the Empty Vessels evolving, progressing and developing “our sound”… so let us burn our skinny jeans and scarves on the gay bonfire of pretence and raise our flag to rock and roll.

We are four different people that have a great time playing our music. We are a Rock’n’Roll band and not scared of it, we are The Empty Vessels and we hope to see you at a gig soon.